Selling Your San Antonio House While in Bankruptcy

san antonio bankruptcy

Selling a property while going through bankruptcy may not be as easy as one may hope, as it involves a lot of extra paperwork and time for appropriate approvals. This article will guide you through what to expect if you’re considering selling a house after filing for bankruptcy.

Types of Bankruptcy Chapters

Know the Bankruptcy to File Before Selling Your Property

When Filing for Chapter 7:

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a court-appointed trustee gathers and sells the debtor’s nonexempt assets and distributes the proceeds of the sale to creditors. After the proceeds are exhausted, the court discharges the remaining debt.

When Filing for Chapter 9:

This type of bankruptcy enables financially distressed municipalities to get protection from creditors while developing and negotiating a plan for the adjustment of debts.

When Filing for Chapter 11:

This type of bankruptcy is typically used by large businesses to maintain their assets and continue regular operations while a plan of reorganization is proposed to creditors.

When Filing for Chapter 12:

Chapter 12 bankruptcy benefits family farmers and fishermen by allowing them to propose and carry out a plan to repay all or part of their debts.

When Filing for Chapter 13:

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an individual must have enough income to afford a repayment plan that usually lasts three to five years. Debtors get to keep the property as long as they make the monthly payment.

When Filing for Chapter 15:

This type of bankruptcy provides a mechanism for dealing with cross-border insolvency cases. It seeks to promote cooperation among U.S. courts and other stakeholders with interest in foreign proceedings involving assets and creditors in several countries.

Chapters to Keep in Mind When Selling a House During Bankruptcy

You Can Sell Your Property While in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Here’s How

How Do You Sell Your Home After Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

It is very difficult to sell a home while in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and you’ll only be able to do so once you get specific permission from the bankruptcy court.

If you want to sell your house, you will need to file a Motion to Sell Real Property. This should include detailed information like the selling price, names of the creditors, and the planned distribution of the proceeds. If the court-appointed trustee will want to sell your property to generate cash for creditors, he or she must also get the approval of the court.

How Do You Sell Your Home After Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Selling a house while going through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is possible. It is best to consult with legal experts to ensure that you make the right moves.

You will have to obtain the approval of the trustee and permission from the court for the sale to move forward. Your attorney will help you file a Motion to Sell Real Property. This motion includes a proposed plan for the sale price and how the proceeds will be used. Some of the proceeds may be used to pay off your repayment plan.

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Why Is Selling a House Before Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Not Recommended?

There are considerable risks involved when selling a house before filing for bankruptcy, and it may not be a wise decision depending on several factors. If you do not handle the sale the proper way, you may end up jeopardizing your bankruptcy discharge. For example, committing fraudulent transfers to hide property from your creditors is considered a bankruptcy crime.

Consult with legal experts who can help you get approval from the bankruptcy court so you can sell your property. Once you get permission, contact us and we’ll help you with an easy and hassle-free sale.

Is a Short Sale of My House While in Bankruptcy a Good Idea?

A short sale during bankruptcy is possible but it depends on the approval of the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee will have to review the short sale proposal – including details of the current home value and selling price – and give time for creditors to assess whether to object to it or not.

If you get permission to pursue the short sale, we’ll help you fast track the process and work with the most professional short sale processing companies in San Antonio, Texas. We’ll ensure clear and constant communication with the bank to get you to closing fast.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My House After Filing for Bankruptcy?

It will be easier to sell a property after a bankruptcy discharge. The time frame for selling a property after filing for bankruptcy, however, varies among states so it’s best to check the specific laws in your area.

There are instances when the bankruptcy court approves the sale of a property 30 days after the filing of the case. In other cases, it may take up to six months before the debtor can sell the house.

We’ll give you the speed and convenience that you need if you choose to sell your home to us as soon as the court permits the sale.

How Much Will It Cost to Pay a Trustee When Selling a House in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 13 trustee gets a percentage of the monthly payment you make under the bankruptcy case. Under the law, a Chapter 13 trustee is entitled to a maximum of 10% of the plan payment. The trustee is expected to use the money to cover the expenses associated with the case and the costs of running his or her office.

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