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When you want to sell a house in bad condition through traditional means, you have to pay for all repairs yourself in hopes of attracting a buyer. However, this could take weeks or months. If you don’t have the money or time needed to brave the housing market, you need another option to easily sell your house that needs a lot of work. For years, the real estate investors of San Antonio House Cash Offers have provided top quality services to homeowners in the San Antonio TX area who want to quickly sell their run down houses as is and for cash.

How We Can Help

You Will Save Time

We give our clients the most fast-paced real estate transaction process available. We can buy ugly houses and properties in need of TLC in just 3 to 30 days. We make selling your fixer upper equally quick and stress-free so you get the money you deserve as soon as possible.

No Fixes Needed

As a company that buys San Antonio houses in any condition, we can give you a fast route to a cash profit no matter how old or junky your house is. When you work with us, you don’t have to spend any time or money fixing up your house. We can present you with an offer on your house with problems within 24 hours after our real estate investors assess your property, no matter how many damages have been found.

We Buy Houses for Cash

Unlike homeowners who use other means of selling real estate, our clients don’t have to wait for their buyer to be approved for a mortgage or cobble together their profit. Instead of being delayed for a month or more before you receive your money, you can count your cash in under 72 hours after you sign your contract with us.

You Don’t Pay Unexpected Costs

We make real estate transactions transparent, which means no surprise expenses will eat into your profit. It’s that simple! The cash offer you get right after our visit is exactly the same amount you receive on the closing day and walk away with.

No Damage Can Scare Us Away

Asbestos Siding

If your home’s building materials or siding contain asbestos, buyers will steer clear of your property. Although asbestos fibers are only harmful when disturbed and made airborne, costly inspections and removal services are still needed to make your house an attractive property. While others won’t want to touch your home, we would be happy to make an offer and resolve the asbestos issue ourselves.

Mold Infestation and Water Damage After a Flood

Moldy, flooded, and water damaged homes are far from attractive properties on the housing market. Even if your house is in pristine condition now, your home’s history of problems scares buyers off because they worry previous issues will resurface. We give you a way to skip making repairs, paying for inspections, and conducting any remediation or regrowth prevention measures. With us, you make a profit with no effort on your end. After we buy your mold or water damaged home, we’ll handle fixing up your house while you enjoy your cash.

Foundation, Basement or Wall Cracks and Other Defects

A house that comes with necessary foundation repairs and structural damage is a difficult house to sell. These defects seriously affect your home’s resale value, and the needed repairs can cost thousands of dollars. When you don’t have an upwards of $10,000 to spare in order to fix up your property, you can sell as is to us and let us take on the repairs ourselves.

Termite Attacks

Regardless of your property’s termite history or if the latest inspection revealed you have a current termite problem, we can give you a straightforward offer on your home. To make sure you know from the start what you stand to gain by selling, we’ll roll in any expected repair costs into our offer. While we make your property livable again, you can use your cash however you see fit.

Houses After a Fire

A fire can simultaneously destroy irreplaceable possessions and your home’s equity. When your property is seriously damaged by fire, making the needed repairs can be out of your budget and financially illogical. With us, you can sell your old house in days and receive the income you need to start again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the buyer sue me after the sale of my home?

You can be sued by the property’s new owner if you don’t follow Texas disclosure laws. While it may lower the offer you receive, you must disclose all known issues so your responsibility as the seller ends after closing. It is in your best interest to be up-front about all issues, whether your house needs a new roof, has foundation cracks or comes with smaller defects or damages.

What must you disclose when selling a San Antonio house?

The buyer can take legal action against the seller if the seller failed to disclose all known property defects. By declaring all of your property’s past and current issues including termites, asbestos siding, structural damage, or needed foundation repair, you follow Texas law and can avoid a lawsuit that ends with you being held liable for repairs.

For how long am I liable after selling a house in Texas?

In Texas, the statute of limitations is 4 years. This means if you don’t disclose all known issues, a buyer can file a fraud claim against you within that time frame after the sale. If the seller correctly includes known defects in the disclosure agreement, the home seller’s liability ends on closing day. When disclosure laws are followed, all issues are up to the new owner to resolve.

Should I fix my house or sell “As Is”?

The odds are that you can’t easily sell your house on the traditional housing market to a buyer without first making repairs to your property. Home updates can require large sums of money, and you can wait months for a sale even after you repair your house.

If you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars making property updates yourself in order to close a deal, you need an alternative option. By selling to a real estate investor, you don’t have to worry about any repair costs. Instead, you can close a deal in days and collect your profit while the real estate investor sees to fixing up your home themselves.

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