Sell Your House with Water Damage, Black Mold or Flood History in San Antonio, Texas

san antonio water damage and mold

When you’re selling a property with water damage, mold problems or flood history, you’re looking at an uphill battle. But there’s a way for homeowners to make a quick win.

Obstacles You Meet While Selling a House with Mold, Flood History and Water Damage

Most often, buyers on the hunt for their new dream home view a property’s history of issues as a red flag and prefer to continue shopping. Even the best of homes can be a hard sell.

Enlisting the help of realtors means you’re required to spend energy and money on time-consuming water damage repairs, mold inspections, and tests on top of mold remediation. The cost of selling your home also increases if you need to purchase and install a dehumidifier and make other HVAC repairs as a mold regrowth prevention measure.

Without remodeling and repairs, it’s almost impossible for you to sell your property traditionally.

Even after you’ve paid for all necessary measures and jumped through all of the hoops, you will be left waiting for a buyer willing to purchase your home, and they will most likely ask for a discount, considering the repair history.

A Better Option

Fortunately, homeowners in this sticky situation have another option that saves them from making repairs and going through other hassle of selling traditionally.

Homeowners looking for a fast and easy way to sell their properties with water damage or toxic black mold issues in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas, can sell their home as is to our companySan Antonio House Cash Offers.

We are a home buying company that has been providing San Antonio residents with the easiest and quickest residential real estate transactions for decades. San Antonio House Cash Offers helps homeowners trade their properties, damaged by flooding, leaks and mold, for cash in a matter of days.

How We Can Help

You Will Save Time

Water or mold in the basement, mildew smell, flooded rooms, and other problems don’t have to be obstacles that delay turning your house into profit. With our company that buys houses for cash, you can count your money in as little as 3 to 30 days from contacting us. You don’t have to worry about repairs or remodeling, we take care of all paperwork, and there are no middlemen and picky buyers in the deal. This lets you enjoy the fastest real estate transaction available.

No Fixes Needed

Selling your property in its current condition means you’re saved from having to organize and pay for any necessary services and measures that make your house livable and attractive to buyers. Whether you have black mold in the house you’re wanting to sell or have a home destroyed by water during a flood, our real estate investors would be happy to take your property off of your hands with no effort needed on your end.

We Buy Houses for Cash

What you receive by selling your old property to San Antonio House Cash Offers is right in our name! Selling a home to our real estate investors means that we’ll buy your house for cash. We can hand over your hard-earned money in as little as 72 hours after we’ve signed the contract. We’ll work to get you what you’re entitled to as fast as possible.

You Don’t Pay Unexpected Costs

We believe that the real estate transaction process should be as transparent and straightforward as possible. That’s why we’re serious about making sure that your cash offer stays entirely yours and that you receive exactly the amount that you were promised. We’ll never trick you with hidden fees in paperwork or bother you with surprise expenses down the line. Instead, you can be entirely confident in your profit.

Friendly, Personable Service

We recognize that selling your home is a very serious undertaking that requires a lot of time and contemplation. To help you with this process, we make sure that you receive a friendly, personable service and that your situation is handled individually. For us, completing a successful real estate transaction means we are sure that our client is leaving us feeling happy and empowered by closing a win-win deal. With us you can count on an amazing service that makes you feel happy and respected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell a home with water damage after a flood or plumbing problems?

You have two options to sell a house that has been flooded, a home with a wet basement, or a property with other water damage.

The first option means selling your property traditionally, which includes funding and handling necessary water damage repairs and anti-mold growth measures. You also have to foot the bill for realtors and their surprise expenses. Selling traditionally puts you at the mercy of the housing market. Unfortunately, a property with extensive repairs scares buyers away because they worry that the issues will repeat themselves.

Your other option is much easier and faster than the first one: selling your home to a company that buys houses As Is. This route saves you from paying any costs or wasting energy on repairs, preventive measures, and realtors. Additionally, this kind of sale is usually closed in a matter of days, unlike a transaction of a property in a perfect condition on a traditional market.

Am I required to disclose water damage, flood or mold history if I’m selling a Texas house?

Seller disclosures in the state of Texas are outlined in Texas Property Code Section 5.008. Anyone selling a residential real estate property must disclose any known damage or other issues in the disclosure form written by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

The buyer has to be given a notice of any known problems, before they sign the purchase contract. However, you are protected (to some extent) from not disclosing what you may not find out from a reasonable investigation. For example, you may not know about mold inside the walls. But leaving a leaky basement not disclosed or a similar problem that is not extremely difficult to discover, means you’re setting yourself up for trouble. The buyer can sue the seller when the problems come up, and even return the property and have their money back.

It is in your best interest to disclose any known damages, despite, unfortunately, this means that your home’s history can scare away those looking to purchase a property.

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