How Do I Sell My San Antonio, TX House Fast When It’s in a Bad Location?

san antonio bad neighborhood

Trying to sell a nice house in one of San Antonio’s bad neighborhoods can appear to be an impossibility. But there is always a buyer for every type of property in every kind of location. The challenge is how to attract that buyer to your property. Selling real estate in the run-down areas of the city has different requirements than selling property in nicer neighborhoods.

Following these simple steps will help you quickly sell a great house, even if it is in a bad location.

9 Tips to Sell Your Home No Matter Where It Is in San Antonio, Texas

1. Price It Accordingly

Remember that an attractive price is the main selling point of your home. So be thrifty when getting the property ready for sale. It’s important to be able to reduce the asking price for any interested buyer.

2. Don’t Underestimate Staging

Cover up those walls that have dark or unusual colors with light, neutral paint. Put out a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen countertop, and place some fresh flowers in the main living areas.

3. Target Young Buyers

It doesn’t usually take very long before first-time homebuyers realize that their budget is not big enough to buy their dream house. Give those buyers a taste of their dream home by emphasizing anything about your property that first-time buyers want. Help them realize your home’s potential.

4. Put the Interior in Order

Above all else, clear and clean. Clear out the clutter, and clean until the house looks and smells fresh. Get rid of any unnecessary window coverings so that you can flood your home with sunlight. Replace light fixtures in the living areas and the master bedroom with inexpensive ceiling fans.

5. Improve the Outside

Overgrown landscaping can block natural light through the windows. And shrubs halfway to your gutter line can make your house look smaller than it is. So prune and trim where needed.

6. Disclose Important Defects

Disclose all of your home’s defects. And don’t try to minimize the problems with your neighborhood. Full disclosure can make a wary buyer feel at ease. But also sell buyers on the best features of your house. And don’t forget to mention any redeeming qualities about your location.

7. Look at Your Neighbor’s Property

If you have a neighbor with an overgrown yard, offer to pick up their trash and keep their grass mowed until your house sells.

8. Hold an Open House

Open houses can generate attention from potential buyers in other parts of the city. But don’t overlook curious neighbors who might be interested in moving into a better home in the neighborhood.

9. Consider Seller Financing

If you’ve inherited the house or the loan is paid off, consider offering owner financing to interested buyers. For buyers who don’t have established credit, owner financing is a big selling point.

Who Buys Great (and Ugly) San Antonio Houses in Bad Neighborhoods as Fast as in Good Ones?

San Antonio House Cash Offers has served the San Antonio real estate market for many years. We buy houses in any condition and any neighborhood. Even if you’re afraid of walking out of your front door, your neighborhood will not deter us from buying your house.

We Buy Any Homes Anywhere in the City

No matter how bad the area or how run-down the property, we will buy your house. You can’t fix your neighborhood, and you don’t need to fix up your home. We will buy it AS IS.


We do everything quickly. You will have a cash offer within 24 hours of contacting us. And after accepting our offer, we can close the deal in less than a month.

And for Cash

When we make our offer, we already have the cash available to pay you. We don’t waste any time applying for a loan because we use our money. The process is quick because we do business with cash.

We Don’t Charge Fees

If you’re worried about how much money you will get at closing, relax. You will get exactly the amount specified in our cash offer. We cover all the closing costs—with no hidden fees.

We Make It as Simply as Possible for You

You are not responsible for any paperwork. You will need to sign and date a few documents, but the rest is on us. We take care of preparing and filing all the paperwork.

The Most Terrible Neighborhoods of San Antonio, TX We’re Happy to Buy a Home In

Skyline Park

Great Schools gives Houston High School and Davis Middle School a 2 out of 10 rating. Cameron Elementary did a little better with a 3 out of 10 rating. Violent crimes in the area are three times the national average. And property crimes are over three times the national average.

Villa De San Antonio

The median home price in the neighborhood is under $45,000. An unemployment rate of over 8% plus a crime rate twice that of the national average makes this area an unpopular place to live.

Dellcrest Forrest

Based on the national average, approximately one in four children grow up in poverty. But in Dellcrest Forrest, 59% of the children live in poverty. The area surrounding the intersection of Rigsby Avenue and Southwest West White Road has one of the highest concentrations of single-mother households in the U.S. According to Neighborhood Scout, such a high concentration of single-mother homes is usually indicative of poverty, crime, and a high rate of school dropouts.

Villas Of Babcock-Summerwind

This densely populated neighborhood has an extremely high unemployment rate of over 9%. Crime is rampant (over four times the national average). While housing prices are affordable, it’s not considered as a desirable place to live.

United Homeowners

This San Antonio neighborhood shares the same poorly-rated schools with Skyline Park. The area is riddled with so much crime that it outpaces the national average by 500%. While there is good access to amenities and the cost of living is low, the area gets a failing grade because of crime and unemployment.

Highland Forest

The schools in this neighborhood are poorly rated. While the area has some nice homes, the crime rate is horrific. The violent crime rate is over seven times the national average. And according to, property crime is five times the national average.

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