Need to Sell Your San Antonio House With a Lien? Here’s How

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Selling an apartment, condo, townhouse or other property with a lien against it or with taxes owed comes with plenty of challenges. If you’re thinking of selling a house with a tax lien or other type of lien, this article can help you find the easiest way to move forward.

Selling a Home With a Lien Against It Need Not Be a Challenge

What Is the Process When Selling a Property That Has a Lien on It?

#1 Research on How Much Your Home Is Worth

The first step is to find out how much your home is worth on the market. Work with a real estate agent who understands the local market. They’ll help you learn what the trends are like in any given year and help you decide on an asking price.

#2 Review Your Offers and Accept the Best One

Ideally, you’ll receive more than one offer on your home. If you have a property with back taxes owed and a property tax lien attached, choose an offer that will leave you with the most profit after you make the payments.

Waiting for the right buyer can take a long time. If you have a lien attached to your property, it often means you don’t have extra money to spend on home maintenance and repairs. If your home has any problems, you might have to wait even longer to find a buyer.

#3 Sign the Sale Agreement, Transfer the Documents, and Pay Off Taxes and Liens

After you’ve accepted the offer, all parties will sign the documents and you’ll transfer ownership to the buyer. At closing, you’ll transfer the necessary funds to your attorney who will pay off any liens and additional expenses on your behalf.

#4 Contact Your Lien Holders for Payment Confirmation

After the house is sold, you’ll have to contact the lien holders to confirm they received the payment. You should also check that your payment is recorded in the deed books.

Simplified Home Selling With the Best Company that Buys Houses With Liens in San Antonio, TX

Selling property with delinquent taxes or a lien attached doesn’t have to be difficult! San Antonio House Cash Offers is the very best house-buying company, and we make selling your home a breeze. We offer the simplest and fastest real estate transactions in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas.

Sell Your Property No Matter the Condition

If you’re worried about a lien, the last thing on your mind is to save money for construction and home repairs. Our company will buy your home As Is, no repair requests, appraisals or due diligence periods necessary.

Make a Quick Home Sale

Are you dealing with a federal tax lien, state tax lien or IRS lien? You probably want to sell your home ASAP. Our investors can help! We close on deals in as little as 3 to 30 days on average.

Receive Cash as Payment

When you sell to us, you don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll get mortgage approval. We make cash offers, so there’s no need for mortgages. We have the money ready and waiting when we make our offer.

Go Through the Selling Process Conveniently

When you work with us, we take care of all of the paperwork that’s associated with selling your house, so you don’t have to worry. Plus, our hassle-free transactions mean that we’ll make an offer after one simple walkthrough.

Get Your Cash Profit Without Hidden Fees

We never use hidden fees to trick our clients out of their money. Our cash offer is fair and honest, and you’ll receive 100% of it on closing. We even pay for the cloning costs and any other necessary fees.


Can You Walk Me Through How a Lien Affects the Sale of a House?

There’s no doubt that a lien can make selling your house a pain. First of all, when you sell a house with a lien, you will have to pay your lien holders after the sale on top of any closing costs, taxes and fees. You’ll also have to contact the lien holders to get confirmation of the payment.

In some cases, liens are attached to a property instead of an individual. Any future buyer will take on the lien once they purchase the home. Unfortunately, this means that finding a buyer will be hard, and your house is likely to sit on the market for years.

No matter what kind of lien you have, our investors are happy to buy your home. We’ll purchase it As Is, no matter the condition, to make the sale as easy and stress-free as possible.

Should I Be Worried About Selling My House if I Have a Judgment?

Judgement liens are usually used if child support is owed or if another party successfully sues you. Selling a home with a judgement lien is harder than other liens because the lien follows the house instead of the owner. That means the buyer has to be willing to take on the lien when they purchase the house.

While selling on the market will be difficult, selling to us is always easy! We’ll make a cash offer for your home, so you can settle your judgement lien and move on with your life.

Is It Possible to Sell a Home With an SBA Loan Lien?

A Small Business Association Loan can help get your business off the ground. However, if you don’t pay it back, a SBA Loan lien is the end result. This is another type of lien that attaches to your property, so finding a buyer will most likely be challenging.

Luckily, our company buys properties no matter what types of liens are involved. You can sell your house to us in a quick and straightforward process. We pride ourselves in closing on deals in 3 to 30 days on average!

Any Suggestions on Selling a House With a Medicaid Lien?

A Medicaid lien is attached to a property when debt from a nursing home or assisted living facility piles up. The lien is passed on via the property after an individual’s death, so the heirs must pay it if they sell the property.

Not only will we purchase your home if a Medicaid lien is attached, but we’ll also help you negotiate new terms with the lien holders. When you work with us, you’ll find an easy solution to settling your debt and selling your home.

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